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     What do we mean by 'A Better Way'?

     We're NOT saying there's a right way or a wrong way, but that we think there's a more efficient way of increasing your income without "Making a rod for your own back" as the old saying goes.

     All of us only have 24-hours in a day, and for some people that's not enough, resulting in a lifestyle that's too hectic to enjoy.

     But TIME is our greatest asset, and is the BETTER way to increased future prosperity.

     Consider this, during your lifetime you could work about 80,000 hours in total, and that's it, so how do the rich get rich?

     Simple...they use the POWER OF having a work-force or a Group that enables them to increase the number of hours that contribute to their earning power!

     Some people - like Bill Gates or Richard Branson for example - employ 1,000's of people resulting in them being paid multiple lifetime earnings WEEKLY. The good news is that you can do the same. (There's a fuller explanation at time-or-money).

      Why do so many people fail?

     Remember that now famous saying by Yoda in the film 'Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back'.   "Do. Or do not. There is no try"

     Usually you don't need to understand how a thing works, but in this instance you really do because - knowing 'how it works' will show you 'Why it works'.

     We often hear it said that, "Such and such didn't work", but more often than not what was really meant was "I quit".

     So lets be clear - the only failures are the quitters!

     Yes really - The ONLY failures are the quitters – How many things have you started in your life but never completed. It doesn’t matter if it was golf, painting, exercising, etc., etc. Isn’t it a fact that you didn’t fail – you just quit? So isn’t it also a fact that a business will succeed for you providing YOU DON’T QUIT?

     As Yoda said "Do. Or do not. There is no try"

      A change of mindset will be needed, you will need to stop thinking like a company sales agent and start building multiple streams of income by leveraging your time with a portfolio of proven home based businesses.

     And most importantly to start thinking like an investor! An investor is not thinking "how much will it cost", they're thinking "Is it an acceptable risk and how much additional income can I make?".      

       Earning as You Learn

     Building a business is like learning to drive a car, some information you can get from reading about 'learning how to drive', but the only way you will actually learn how to drive is to get behind the wheel, and then with constant practice and tuition from a qualified coach, you will learn how to drive properly and safely.

     Even after you've passed your 'driving test' you will continue learning to drive competently, and you'll continue to learn everyday as situations arise that you've never experienced before, or as new methods of traffic control are introduced, or new laws governing what you can and cannot do.

     Building your business will always be a constant and exciting endeavor. Like life, it will have its ups and downs, but it will always reward you in proportion to the effort you put into it.

     And your reward is that you'll be earning an income as you're learning.

    A common mistake I see people make when they are getting started is that they get caught up in thinking they have to refer dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people to make any real money.

     This is positively not the case, most people consistently earning in excess of $100,000 or more have only introduced a few people into their business. Their success came from helping their team members succeed, and that is the only way to stop people quitting, and to reap the rewards of a large Networking business generating a long term Residual Income

     The 'secret' to building a successful networking business is in helping your downline generate at least 3 new partners deep, and getting them into profit. If they're making money, even if it's a relatively small amount, they'll be more inclined to stay. After all, even $20, $40, $80 or more will pay for at least one of their monthly expenses!

      To be fair, it's recommended that you only help people who help themselves, you are not in business to build someone else's business for them!

In Conclusion

     You have seen that Network Marketing is not based on 'Selling', although some of your income will undoubtedly come from people who join simply because they need the products or services.

     People join with you because you have offered to help them achieve more freedom and a better quality of life, and because they join, you'll automatically gain a freedom and a better quality of life for yourself and your family.

     You learned the powerful affects of Exponential Growth, and how that enables you to grow a profitable business from a small team of 5 - 10 serious people.

     Above all, you learned The Power of helping others to get what they want, will help you get what you want.

      So are you now thinking...

     "Do I have the skills to do this?"

     "What's in it for me?"

     Or other worrying questions that could stop you
before you even know what opportunity awaits you!

     Well you can take a deep breath, breath out slowly, and relax, 
because anything is possible once you set your mind to it, it
will let you achieve greater financial security, a better lifestyle,
and of course - peace of mind.

     BUT - Here comes the crunch - Are you one of the positive people
who will follow these pages through and then make a decision.....


   Are you one of those unfortunate people who will trip over a golden opportunity,
pick themselves up, and then carry on as if nothing happened?

"Nothing is forever lost like an opportunity ignored."

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